F.O.s (finished objects) vs. U.F.O.s (unfinished objects)

This is my year bau simulator gratis herunterladen! I’m determined to deal with some UFOs and to go no-buy for 2009 with the exception of backing and batting required to finish UFOs. This means more scrap quilts for 2009 tomtom downloads for free. (See Double Delight started on New Years Eve at the beginning of my blog).

In the meantime, I’ve decided to upload a few of the finished and almost finished quilts whatsapp sicherung google drive herunterladen.

This first one is one I completed for my DH 2 years ago but never got it photographed. It’s called Aunt Betty’s Attic.

This next one is a UFO started at Quilting in the Trees, 2008 at Pearson College herunterladen. The class was taught by Sharon Pederson. I started quilting the quilt but am unhappy with the quilting so it’s now waiting for some reverse sewing and then I’ll try again… herunterladen. This one is called Crop Circles.

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