Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll progress…

I’m thoroughly enjoying this mystery. Having done two other Bonnie Hunter mysteries from her Quiltville site, I started this mystery with eyes wide open knowing that it would:

1 ältere nvidia treiber downloaden. actually USE my stash;
2. have a lot of small pieces;
3. have some easy blocks and some ‘need caffeine and music to distract me’ blocks;
4 herunterladen. have colours together that I would never have thought of (she’s brilliant!);
5. have a breaktaking outcome.

Here’s where I am so far:

Step 1: done on time

Step 2: done on time
(picture shows steps 1 & 2)

Step 3: Interesting — I was the one who didn’t want to use paper as my foundation because of all the ripping and mess wie kann man fotos von icloud auf iphone herunterladen! So I found the Ricky Tims Stable Poly Stuff which dissolves in water. To make a long story short – I had a better time ripping off the paper of the first 10 I did that way before discovering the 50 pack of Stable Poly Stuff coole hintergrundbilder herunterladen. We had a memorial service yesterday for my DMIL so I thought before we left I would put the 50 blocks on ‘delicate’ on a short cycle in the washer to self-dissolve mozilla firefox mac herunterladen. While it worked I wouldn’t recommend it. I have to restitch 3 blocks that were stressed to the point of coming apart on one strip. Also, it looks like I put a full box of kleenex in the washing machine microsoft outlook 2013 kostenlos. There is white fluff on my clothes, white fluff left in the washer, white fluff on the laundry room floor, white fluff on my ironing board (I didn’t dry them; I just ironed them wet to block them), and white fluff on my dark blue carpet in my sewing room schriftarten downloaden gratis. Moral of the story ~ follow Bonnie’s instructions because she has obviously “been there, done that” and found the best way. Bonnie, you rock! free realplayer download german free! Pardon my laziness and thinking there was a better way.

Step 3 photo:

Step 4: 1 set done just to see toten hosen lieder kostenlosen. Love it! Now that I’m done Step 3, I will forge ahead and finish the ‘easy’ Step 4.

Step 5: Using triangulations and got 24 done with one sheet of paper outlook for pc. Love them! Hoping another lesson won’t be learned in doing it my own way. So far they look awesome. Only 24+ sheets to go. Better than saying 500+ blocks to go right?

Step 6: Seems way in the future to me but I’ll get there.

Guessing at the mystery: Not even close!! I love surprises and it seems Bonnie has really done it this time!

And tomorrow is Friday!  So we’ll get the second to last clue.  Aren’t we having just the greatest fun??

Until next post…

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