A new quilt pattern is born

It is BC Day today so this means a long weekend.  The weather is glorious.  My DH was at a music festival with his band on the mainland so this meant some guilt-free quilting time for me herunterladen!

Friday night I was playing in EQ7 and drew this pattern:

 I’m calling the pattern “Around the Block” and my version will be called “Coffee Shop Around the Block” because I am using coffee fabrics vivaldi.

Here are some pictures of the quilt in ‘cloth’ which will become the sample to go to a store that will carry the pattern:

Focus fabric in the middle of the square framed! 

Now the strata units frame the first frame.  I don’t like the corners though.  It doesn’t work.  Idea!  Turquoise cornerstones!  Then some unsewing.  Yes, that’s better.  I don’t think I snapped a picture of the ‘fixed’ block but here’s the rows all together.  Likin’ it herunterladen!

Now to construct the sashing:

And create the sashing rows before assembling the quilt:

Now to put the rows together and audition the border:

Much better than the first fabric which was just too busy.  Yes, I like the neutral.  It picks up the light fabrics in the strata units herunterladen.

Now the finale:

I like it!  Now to quilt it, then create the instructions, drawings and staged photo before packaging it up for sale fifa 19 demo.

It was a fun experience to cram a quilt design and construction into the same weekend.

Until next time my quilty friends!

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