Pattern launch!

Good Sunday morning!

I’m thrilled to announce that the pattern I’ve been working on since 2013 is now finished and I’ve published it electronically on here.  I’m also going to be selling patterns in print in local quilt shops and will let you know when they are in those shops windows 10 pro image downloaden.


AMISH BLOCK PARTY !! hoe app apple tv!

The one above is my original colourway roblox das spiel zum herunterladen.

In 2015 after having the pattern tested by someone, I decided to test it again myself using a different colourway.  I’m just finishing sewing the binding on this one:

Purple is my favourite colour so I decided to try this one with purple instead of the black.  I quite like it!  This will be the store sample quilt to hang with the patterns for sale.  I had it quilted with feathers by Teresa Ranson and am just about finished sewing the binding on.  I’m hoping to have the patterns printed and dropped off at one store this week.  I won’t mention the name until it’s all in place and ready for sale kjhg herunterladen!

Almost done!  Yippee!

Oh…and before I sign off, check out my new logo imovie mac herunterladen!

Off to get this binding finished Age of empires 3 free full version german chip!

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