TRIanquility…my newest pattern/tutorial

TRIanquility…my newest pattern/tutorial

We are still snowed in and the tree blossoms we enjoyed and boasted about last week have been obliterated by our Snowmaggaedon.  In defense of us West Coasters our snow is “different” than the rest of Canada, or so I’m told.  I can feel you all rolling your eyes at us West Coast drama queens.  But our little village of Brentwood Bay has all but shut down. We haven’t seen a bus in days, the airport is without power and they are using a generator to land planes safely and there are no traffic sounds in our neighbourhood.  I like it!  But get the picture calibre sicheren? We aren’t going anywhere!  Nothing to do here but quilt and create patterns!

There is ocean then a mountain in the distance which you can’t see

Snow drift higher than my dog.  No walkies today.

Now to the quilting and pattern writing.  I wanted to create a simple baby quilt in low volume neutrals.  I’ve used various hues of white, cream, beige and grey.  This will be gifted to a friend’s grandchild shortly.  Since I created the pattern for myself I thought I should share it with you also google agenda windows.

I’ve called the pattern “Trianquility”.  And no, it’s not a typo.  Triangle + Tranquility = Trianquility.

Here is my EQ drawing:

Quilt size:  39″ x 49″

Here are the fabric requirements:

1 yard of assorted low volume neutrals
1 yard of white
2 yards backing
crib size batting (45 x 60)
1/2 yard binding fabric

This is a very simple pattern once you figure out Half Square Triangles. The secret is in your 1/4″ seam and not stretching the diagonal of the blocks.  Consistency is key and pays off.  

I used my GO cutter for cutting the half square triangles and had them done and ready to sew in no time.  (It isthe #55031 4″ finished half square triangle die).  I LOVE my GO cutter.  Instructions for rotary cutter and ruler cutting are below drum beats download kostenlos.

We will be making 108 half square triangles.

One stack of neutrals (cream, grey) and one stack of whites.

Rather vanilla you say?  Stay with me.  It turns out great word und powerpoint kostenlosen!

Alternate Cutting:
From your neutrals you will be cutting 8 strips 4 7/8″ wide by 42″ which you will then subcut into 54 squares measuring 4 7/8 x 4 7/8.  You will have to calculate the equivalent if you are cutting from scraps or fat quarters.  The key is to cut 54 squares which will yield 108 half square triangles.

Repeat for the white fabric.  You will be cutting 54 squares 4 7/8″ x 4 7/8″.

On the wrong side of the white squares draw a line from corner to corner in pencil or fabric pen.  Then match up a neutral square with a white square, right sides together open officeen kostenlos.

 With right sides together sew 1/4″ away from the drawn line.

When you get to the end pull your piece out a bit and turn it to sew on the other side.  ***Notice you are sewing to the left of the line.  Instinct will tell you to sew on the right but you can’t measure 1/4″ on the right microsoft office 2010 starter download kostenlos vollversion deutsch.

 Once sewn it should like this.

Now take your ruler that is larger than the diagonal measurement of the block and your rotary cutter and cut on your drawn line between the two stitched lines handy background image.

Press and trim if necessary to make your block 4 1/2″.  It will finish at 4″ when sewn into the quilt top.


Do you have a bunch of charm squares/packs in your stash that you want to use but don’t have a plan for?  They would be perfect for this quilt pattern.  They are just 1/8″ bigger than our cut squares so match one up with a neutral square of 5″ and follow the same stitching directions and you will yield the same results.  You’d need 54 charm squares (5″).  Not sure what charm squares are?  
These are charm packs.  You get a whole fabric line conveniently cut into 5″ squares and packaged together.  They come ready to sew them up into a beautiful creation herunterladen! You can find them in most quilt stores or online stores.  Try one of my local quilt shops: as they have a great selection.

Now back to our tutorial herunterladen!

Once you have all your squares sewn and pressed to the dark side, arrange them in 12 rows of 9 blocks.  When you have them in the colour order you are pleased with, sew the rows together.  You will be pressing one row to the right and the alternate row to the left, and so on.  This will make the rows nest together and avoid those pesky bulges at intersections.

Here are my blocks on my design wall:

And sewn together, pressed towards the bottom and ready for quilting herunterladen.

I chose not to put a border on my quilt, but if you want it bigger you are free to add a border.  I quilted my quilt with a pantograph called “Amber”.  I love the texture it gives to my finished quilt.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I will be writing up the pattern and putting it on my website under the FREE PATTERNS category.  Thank you for joining me and happy quilting!

Until next time,
c 2019 Mavis Reynolds

PS:  Interested in having your quilt finished?  Check out my long arm quilting services at  Samples of my work are viewable on my Instagram page @dayspringquiltco

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