I-Sew-lation Polka Dot Party mystery Step 1

Welcome to step one.  For this step you are going to need the pieces that you cut and stored in bags A, B, and C.

We will be creating the center medallion of our quilt herunterladen.

The medallion will be in four quadrants visual studio express kostenlos download. It is not on point.  It just looks that way.

We will construct half square triangles in rows as shown in the photo.

The first row will have three of your assorted coloured triangles and two of your white polka dot triangles herunterladen. The second row will have two of your colour triangle and one of your polka dot triangles.

Then we will use one coloured triangle to complete one of the quadrants salt app herunterladen.

Assemble your rows and then sew the assembled large triangle to the large white polka dot triangle as shown in the photo.  NOTE:   Make sure when sewing the coloured triangles to the white polka dot triangles that you leave the dog ears showing.  If you line up right to the edge, they will not be aligned properly musik kostenlos für powerpoint.  

Pressing notes:
The nesting of these blocks isn’t natural because of the half square triangles and then the rows all intersecting.  I pressed one row towards the white polka dot large triangle and the two rows towards the dark.  You won’t have nicely nested seams on the medallion. Just press the best you can and try to avoid stretching the block.  Remember that these are on the bias.


You will make four of these quadrants (blocks) to make up the center medallion.  

Watch your colour placement.  I chose to have four different colours in the center.

When the four quadrants are done, trim the dog ears.  Assemble the four quadrants as shown in the picture by joining two together and pressing to the block on the left and then joining the other two and pressing to the block on the right.  These will then nest as you sew them together into the center medallion (it’s really just a big four patch!)  Your finished block should measure 24 ½”.  It will finish at 24” in the quilt.

And that’s all for now!  The next clue will be published next Monday.

Post your pictures using the hashtag #polkadotpartymysteryquilt so we can all see your colours and progress.

See you next week. Have fun!

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