I-Sew-lation Polka Dot Party  – FINALE!

I-Sew-lation Polka Dot Party – FINALE!

I-Sew-lation Polka Dot Party Finale kostenlose online spiele zumen!

I-Sew-lation Polka Dot Party
By Mavis Reynolds

Dayspring Quilt Company

Welcome to the Finale !! 

I’m going to show you the picture of the quilt first and we’ll talk about how to assemble it.  I chose not to do another clue because really, all the major work has been done.  I told you this was a quick and easy herunterladen!  Tada!

You have the center medallion already prepared. (Step 1)

You have the geese border units already prepared. (Step 3)
You have the outer border blocks already prepared and ready for trimming and  piecing google play store downloaden pc. (Step 2)
What appears to be an inner white border is already done as part of the geese units.

There’s only a little bit left to assemble and you will be done movie ipad 2.

Here we go…

  1. Take the four coloured 2 ½” squares in Bag “F” and trim them to 2”. These will be the cornerstones in the first border (magenta in my quilt) uni hamburg word herunterladen.
  2. Make two half-square triangles from the 5” squares that are in bags K & L. Press towards the dark side.
  3. Add your geese borders to the two vertical sides of your medallion.
  4. Add the half square triangles you just created from bags K&L and add them to the top and bottom of the remaining two geese borders and add to the medallion.  Check the orientation with the finale picture above.
  5. Measure your quilt through the middle from edge to edge now that the geese borders are on.  Cut four strips from the long strips in bag G to this measurement.  This is called “measuring through the middle” and will help to keep your quilt square and your borders flat. Sew two of these strips on to two opposing sides of your quilt. On the remaining two strips, sew the cornerstones on each end. 

Press towards the cornerstone. Sew the remaining two strips onto the remaining two sides of the quilt.  Give your quilt top a good press (using Best Press if it helps).  Press towards the borders.

  • Measure the outside edge of your quilt top on all four sides.  Mine was 32.5” unfinished.  Divide this number by 8.  Mine comes out to 4.06.  This is why we held off trimming our blocks made in Step 2.  We will be trimming them in this finale step because depending on your seam allowance, your size might differ from mine.  It should be somewhere around 4.3 or less.  This will help in making your borders lay flat. Adjusting for this measurement, sew eight squares together in the orientation shown in the finale picture for each side of the quilt.  There are eight on each side.  As in step 5 above, sew two sides first, Then sew the remaining four half square triangles on either end of the two remaining borders to create the cornerstones.
  • And guess what!?  That’s it!  Congratulations you’re done!!

Thank you for joining me in this mystery quilt.  The full pattern is being compiled and will be available on my website as a free pattern so if your friends ask please send them to my website.  www.dayspringquiltcompany.com/shop

Please share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #polkadotpartymysteryquilt so we can find you. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:  info@dayspringquiltcompany.com

Mavis Reynolds

Dayspring Quilt Company

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