Tuscan Hillside – new quilt project

I loved my trailing hearts so much that I decided to use the basic design and explore some different art components. Here is the result:

So these are the basic log cabin blocks under construction herunterladen.

I also had a friend in Seattle do some embroidered grape clusters for me herunterladen. Aren’t they gorgeous? In this shot, I’ve got one border on each of the 7″ square blocks. Borders are in various batiks (1 3/4″ strips all the way round:
The blocks all finish at 10″ (mine finished at 9 1/2″ after squaring them up) herunterladen. There are also 9 1/2″ background blocks cut. The next photo is the basic quilt layout on my design wall:

The next step is the vine in the light part and then clusters of appliqued grapes and leaves wie kann man ein gif herunterladen. It’s coming along just as I pictured it. Very satisfying project for the weekend.

Until next time,

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