and the battles rages on…

in my soul, that is.  I tried a friend’s quilting machine (which is comprised of a Little Gracie II and a Janome 6600).  She can do a baby quilt in 1-2 hours.  I visited yesterday and even got to test drive on a charity quilt she is working on herunterladen. It was great fun!  I came home wanting that or a long arm…again. Sigh.  But I had to see it.  Isn’t that what it’s like?  You don’t want a new car until you go for that test drive…and then you’re sunk unless you have the willpower of ..well I don’t know what or who, but you get my point. 

I’ve been working very hard at being content, I really have, but for the last 24 hours all I can think about it how to get my own long-arm.  I really thought I was settled about this.  We simply don’t have the cash right now, so practically speaking, it’s not going to happen.  But then why this sudden onslaught of lust after what I cannot have?  I repent…I will be content.  And if I really need to try it out, my friend has offered to let me take a quilt to her place and test it on her machine.  That’s good enough for me herunterladen!

One hopeful option for my quest (or non-quest depending on my state of mind at the time) – I am married to a mechanical/woodworking genius.  My dear husband is pondering building me the quilting frame.  With my Janome 6500 I would have the equivalent, basically, of my friend.  Wouldn’t that be nice…but for now I will wait herunterladen.

And there ends today’s rantings.  Time to go play some more on my handquilting project.


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