End of Christmas Vacation

My mini at home quilting retreat ends tomorrow.  Here’s what I’ve got to show for my devoted days of sewing:

I love these blocks but it’s definitely more week than a weekend effort ringtones charts for free.  Are my quilting muscles ever sore!  I was so hoping to catch up this weekend.  I’m closer but not totally caught up.  I am very intrigued by the last step coming this Friday ubuntu 19.04 herunterladen.  I have more cutting to do for that step and am hoping the Companion Angle ruler I ordered from Sawyers will be here soon as it’s needed for the last units required for the borders datei herunterladen fs17_ebsdorfer_heide_v2.zip.

These are monotonous little blocks klapp app herunterladen!  These are the result of the 600 half-square triangles.  I am very tired of working on this part so I may go and assemble some of the final blocks meet herunterladen.  But then again, it’s happy hour!  Maybe a glass of wine and some time with the family will give me more unction to finish them.  Sigh…

Until next time,

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