Aha moment and a ‘new to me’ aquisition today

So, I figured out the source of my frustration yesterday with thread breaking and stitches skipping all over the place on a baby quilt I was free motion quilting on sims 4 für pc kostenlos downloaden.

It was this:

Every time my thread broke, there was a gummy residue on the needle that I had to pull off.  It reminded me of the glue that’s on the back of the Avery labels.  Maddening I say!  Steer clear of this stuff.  I don’t remember anything similar happening with 505 spray.  Anyway, it’s now in the garbage.  I should really take it back to Fabricland because it wasn’t cheap and I only used it this once on a baby quilt open office download free latest version. But I have no idea where the receipt is…so my loss.  Good riddance!

Here is a picture of some skipped stitches.  Feel my pain?  This was happening every 4 inches or so.  It gave me an Excedrin headache so I finally quit for the day snapfire kostenlosen.

On a good note though…

I won’t EVER have to use basting spray again because there is a new piece of furniture in my sewing room…new to me that is.  I am the happy owner of the B-Line Original Quilt Frame (from www.tobequilting.com).  I love what the Internet has done for bargain hunters who can connect with those with bargains for sale free ringtones without registration. I connected with a quilter who lives very close to me who was selling her second quilt frame.  She bought one with a friend and then when that friend died, she willed her quilting stash and equipment to this lady.  She decided to sell one and I was the lucky recipient games for free.

It’s not put together yet but in the next few days I expect I’ll be loading it up with a quilt top and moving one or two of my UFOs to the IFFI (I finally finished it) pile.  So excited to get started.  I will need some help from DH to get it set up.  In fact, he’ll be doing the majority of the work and I’ll be helping him.  I can hardly believe I have a quilt frame now.  I’ve been wanting a long arm for a very long time.  This will be a good way to ease into it herunterladen.

Until then, I will have to struggle through the problem quilt because I can’t wash the  spray out of the quilt until it’s quilted.  I always wash them before giving them away because there are so many people with sensitivity to chemicals that I want to make sure they are as pure as can be before landing on a darling little baby downloaden ohne risiko.

On my horizon is the promise of more machine quilting.  I can hardly wait.

Until next time,

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