Orca Bay – Step 1 progress

I can’t resist it when Bonnie Hunter hosts a mystery quilt.  I’ve done a lot of mystery quilts and have been disappointed more than once…but NEVER with our dear Bonnie’s mystery quilts at Quiltville.  I know I can trust her designs and her colour choices, so I leap in without reserve film bei netflix herunterladen.

I had to delay my start by one week because as the first clue arrived on Friday Nov. 18th and other ladies (and quilting gents) raced out of the gate, I was busy cleaning my house for yet another open house.  Our house is for sale…still  But my enthusiasm did not wane.  Yesterday I started on the hourglass units in step 1 of the Orca Bay mystery.  I’m almost half done.  Here are some of my units.  I’m way past this point but this will show you my colour way:

I am using Triangulations 2.0 for these units and while I had a bit of a bad start with a page scaling printing error, we’re cookin’ with gas now and I’ve got a basket of the last half ready to sew together tonight to make up the total needed:  224! cewe cliparts herunterladen!

Then I’m on to the string units of step 2.  You can’t see the fabric in my photo but my strings will be aqua.  Based on what I’ve seen from others’ photos, I’m gonna love these little babies.  3.5″ string blocks.  How cute!!  I am loving this mystery so far, but am not surprised in the least about that zdf videos to.

Bonnie is the absolute best mystery quilt designer and host.  Are we having fun yet??!!  Oh yes, we are!

Until next time,

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