Orca Bay – Step 3 Done!!!

I’m elated!  I’m excited!  And I’m exhausted!  But all 350 half-square triangles in blacks and neutrals are done, de-papered, pressed and grouped in 10s.  I’m so excited.  I’m always one of the last ones to finish Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts.  But we’re on step 3 and I’m all caught up and it’s only Saturday.  I have almost a whole week until the next clue!  o/   Yay updates windows 8.1!

But never fear…I have a ton of quilts to work on.  Check out my UFO page and you’ll see what I mean.  I’m about to load up a quilt for my daughter onto my quilting frame and do some machine quilting.  I have a ‘new to me’ B-Line quilt frame, which together with my Janome 6500, is going to be a much more efficient way to get through some of these quilt tops.  I’m pretty excited ice queen 2 for free.

Here is a picture of all my black & white blocks playing so nicely together:

and the Step 2 aqua string blocks, all done herunterladen!

I’m LOVING these colours!  The only colours that haven’t been used yet are the reds.  I can hardly wait to see where we go next with this mystery herunterladen.
Time to clean up my sewing space a bit. And tuck these little beauties away safe and sound.  And I’m going to try again to find my Roll Roll Cotton Boll missing quilt.  It may be time to clean out a closet or two.  It may have been tucked away in my bedroom closet when staging the house for sale.  It’s still bugging me that I haven’t found it.  Come out, come out, wherever you are!! posters for free!
Until next time,
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