Snow Day!!!

It wasn’t a blizzard but it was a pretty severe snowfall for our neighbourhood.  We live in a rural area with a bus service that is hit and miss in weather like this and the buses are always late due to road conditions.  Add that to the fact that I am fighting a sore throat and tummy bug and I decided to stay put in my warm house downloaden nzb.

I wish I was using this today:

but instead I’m using this:

but enjoying a picture of this outside my window:

This little one was obviously hungry and searching for food and had to come right up to the edge of our house below our window to grab a bite of something green left visible because of the eaves pbix herunterladen.

Perhaps there will be some sewing for me this evening but for now it’s time to get back to the books!  If you too are enjoying a snow day I hope it is a joyful one itunes song herunterladen!

Until next time,

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