Sewing Saturday!!

Yay!  I finally had some unction and time to spend a few hours in my sewing room last night.  I decided to work on my Orca Bay quilt from here.  Here’s my EQ7 image thanks to Laura who shared her EQ7 file with me herunterladen app kostenlos.

I got bogged down just before Christmas and then we had some open houses and some bookkeeping.  But I’m back at it.  I cut all the remaining pieces for the quilt in one evening so that now all I have to do is power sew.  I’m on step 5 which is the little ‘orca’ units.  Teeny tiny pieces!  They look bigger online but let me tell you, they are small!  Don’t be fooled by the pictures.  And speaking of pictures, here are a few from last night’s effort:

Triangle string units

I love string piecing!  Now to keep them from tangling das erste mediathek videos downloaden!

All pressed and ready for the second triangle clash royale jetzt herunterladen.

I love Ohio Stars.  And I decided to add the second centre colour kostenloses logo erstellen und herunterladen.

But reversed the blue and the red centres amazon gekaufte alben herunterladen.

Ohhhhh!  Loving this…

By changing the direction of the little aqua string blocks you can change the whole look of the quilt.  See what I mean here.  I am doing the second version which gives a stronger “X” diagonal pattern yakari hörbuch download kostenlos.

Anyway, I hope to get more done today.  I still have some of the units in the blocks to construct but just couldn’t resist seeing what it was looking like so far adobe support advisor downloaden mac.

Off to Church now.  Catcha later!


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