What’s on YOUR bed linky party!!

This is the MASSIVE king quilt on my bed:

Celtic Trinity Knot (pattern by Deborah Cohen) machine pieced by me and machine quilted by Arlene McKenzie
My Jack Russell Terrier, Sara, LOVES my quilts! google suche bilder herunterladen!

And here it is hanging outside on LAUNDRY day which is how this linky party started right?  Bonnie was changing her sheets and had a very good idea spotnet classic 1.9.

I did this quilt as an online sew-along.  Since that time, the pattern has now been published by Arbee Designs (Ruth Blanchet) in a simpler construction way.  Mine was done with a bazillion 2 1/2″ squares and done in chunks.  I’m working on a second Christmas quilt for my bed, but for now…this is our bed quilt herunterladen.

Now…off to change the sheets and finish packing for my trip.  Thanks Bonnie  of Quiltville  for the opportunity blaulicht app kostenlos downloaden!

Until next time,

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