Another Finish!! Yay!


Midnight in Manhattan
 This is a wedding present for my niece Anna and her husband, Braeden, who were married on April 28th.  I finished the quilt tonight.  Here’s its story:
I consulted the bride to see what she liked.  We shared photos via facebook chat and it became clear that she liked bold, modern design.  She also wanted black, white and blue kann ich filme aus der ard mediathek downloaden.   I found this block, called “Manhattan” on EQ Boutique.  I imported the block into EQ7 and re-sized it to be large enough to feature some of the focus fabrics avast antivirus programm kostenlos herunterladen. Then I changed the colours and played with layout in EQ7.  I sent the EQ7 mockup of the quilt to her to make sure I was on the right track.  After all, I want them to love it herunterladen! Being larger sized blocks (16″) the quilt top went together quickly.
For the machine quilting, I was fortunate enough to have a friend with a longarm (which happens to be for sale).  She asked if I would like to try quilting on it to take it for a ‘test drive’.  Oh yes please!  I thought this would be a perfect chance to try a ‘real’ long arm and play with a pantograph for the first time.  Her machine is a Nolting with a very long arm.  It was such a great experience!  I found it hard to control the machine around some of the curves so my quilting is not my best.  My friend would do a few rows and then I would do a few rows and it’s pretty obvious to me which are her rows and which are mine.  We met through our guild recently and it was a great opportunity to get to know her over a common hobby.  Before you knew it, we were done and it was ready to bind.  And now it’s done!  The binding was started last night while DH and I watched a movie,  “Man on Fire” with Denzel Washington virtuelle maschine downloaden. The binding went very quickly given than my brain and eyeballs were occupied with Denzel the movie. 😀   I finished the binding a few hours ago and my DH and DS hung it outside over our deck railing while there was still enough daylight to take a photo herunterladen.
The only thing left to do is the label and then it’s done and ready to present to the bride and groom.  I have decided I’m going to scan in their wedding invitation, which itself is bold and graphic, and I will use it as a basis for the quilt label myspace musik downloaden online.

Here it waits while I finish the label


This was a very fun quilt to work on, and it feels really good to have it done before their first anniversary LOL.  I really do love finishing projects.  So off it will go to its forever home, with prayers for a long and happy marriage.  And now I can move on to finishing another project daemon tools lite download kostenlos!
Until next time!
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