And another finish! And it’s UFO! Yippee!

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This quilt is called “Coffee Shop Around the Block” and is a pattern I created to use up my coffee fabric stash.

Here’s a little photo-shoot we did today:

I’m just finishing off the publishing of the pattern and then it will be for sale.  Which photo do you think would be best for the pattern cover page? herunterladen?

Until next time,


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2 comments on “And another finish! And it’s UFO! Yippee!
  1. Vic in NH says:

    What a lovely fresh design! I like the angled drape over the fence for showing off the quilt best. It looks like it is a generous throw size, is that right?

  2. Mavis says:

    Hi Vic, yes, generous throw size, maybe twin. Thanks for your kind comments. I agree about the angled drape over the fence. That's my favourite picture too!

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