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I’m working on a LOT of things.  But that makes it kinda fun and alleviates the possibility for boredom right?  At least that’s my story 3ds roms download german free.

I swore I wasn’t going to start new projects, that I was going to focus in 2012 on completing UFOs.  I have 12 listed and I want to get through all 12 of them this year.  It feels good to finish projects.  But it also feels to start projects and I confess, I am weak.  My resolve dissolved tic tac toe herunterladen.

So, as you may know from my previous posts I started a new project in Sisters at Quilter’s Affair at a Friday class.  Pictures are here for the teacher’s quilt and another new start that I confessed to beginning in the hotel room after spying a focus fabric that I simply couldn’t resist.  The picture for was uploaded as a test from my blackberry here

Anyway, here are some pictures of MY fireworks quilt  which I think I will be naming “Fiesta” and a repeat photo of my “Curly Birds of Bend” quilt which is currently on my frame being quilted hintergrundbilder katzen kostenlos herunterladen.

Block A – Light on the Right; Medium on the Left of the starting triangle

Top:  Another Block A.  Bottom Block B with medium starting triangle and then medium, dark, medium on both sides

Building a Block B

Playing in hotel room building blocks.  Bed makes a great design wall/surface

Curly Birds of Bend named because the focus fabrics has swirls, birds and I bought the fabric in Bend meteoblue kostenlosen.

Currently on my quilting frame becoming a quilt rather than a UFO virtual clone drive kostenlosen!

So that’s what I’ve been working on.  Last night I decided to work on the Fiesta quilt again before I lost the construction method.  You know how that goes right?  You ‘get it’ in class but then you leave it for awhile and before you know it, you’re asking yourself:  “how’s that go again?”  So, determined to get these both done and not on next year’s UFO list eos utility herunterladen der bilder geht nicht busy.

Something else I’ve ‘started’ (but this one doesn’t count as a new start and I’ll explain why) is a quilt called “Bow-Dacious”.  It’s out of Bonnie Hunter’s “Adventures with Leaders and Enders” book.  I was looking through all 4 of my BH books yesterday and was captured by the beauty of this quilt.  Here’s a photo of one that Subee made. 

Before I started sewing again on my Fiesta blocks, I dug into my 1 1/2″ strip bins and started cutting 1 1/2″ squares and sorting them into colour families.  The theory behind “leaders and enders” is rather than wasting thread after pulling a sewn block from the machine, you put a scrap of fabric under the feed dogs, sew down to the end of it and snip off the completed block.  This prevents waste of thread but also as a leader, rather than an ender, you stop the machine from chewing the beginning of your new block.  You can find a better explanation in Bonnie’s book, but suffice it to say that I thought this would be a BRILLIANT way to use up my  1 1/2″ strip scraps and create blocks for a new quilt in the process.  2 quilts underway at the same time without even trying!  Gotta like that eh??  And THAT’s why it doesn’t count as a UFO.  😀

I think I’ve got about 2 4-patches done but I didn’t actually get that much sewn last night.  We had a full house at the B&B so I just snuck in a few moments between meeting and greeting guests and showing them to their rooms and giving them the info for breakfast herunterladen.

Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon of those building blocks and a completed top for my Fiesta quilt!  Pretty excited about that one.  It’s a departure from my normal quilt style and fabric choices.  Pretty wild but I’m loving it dokumentenverwaltung kostenlos download!

I am going to hang out some sheets on the line and mosey on up to my studio and sneak in some more play time.

Until next time!


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