Two quilt tops finished this week!

Major happy dance over here at Dayspring Farm!!  Why?  Because I finished TWO quilt tops this week!  Neither of them were UFOs but I was determined that they wouldn’t end up that way alles downloaden.

Firstly, let me introduce you to a quilt I’m calling “The Blessing”:

I apologize for the picture.  It was late at night and this was indoor lighting in our staircase but as soon as I finished the top I wanted to snap a picture because it’s an exciting thing to finish a quilt top! html5 herunterladen mac!

Anyway, the story on this quilt is this:  My DH and I have a B&B and this has been a record year for us and we count that as a huge BLESSING.  In our King suite we have a king sized bed and unfortunately it’s the only room that doesn’t have one of my quilts.  Here is a current photo of the bed:

I really like the quilt I bought for this room but it’s still a knock-off and not one of my handmade quilts herunterladen.

The other day when my DH and I were changing the linens after guests had checked out, he remarked, “you really need to make a quilt for this room, because this just isn’t you”.  Nice eh??  I had a pattern in mind already as I wanted it to be simple enough that it wouldn’t take me a decade to finish it, but still striking enough to satisfy my eye.  I bought some dark black and pink rose fabric with this King Suite in mind but didn’t have a clear idea of coordinating fabrics.  So DH and I pulled some fabric from stash and he said “green”.  The pink I was thinking about as a contrast would scream PINK and that’s not what I wanted herunterladen. Anyway, I found 2 nice coordinating fabrics to go with my dark rose, a pale sage green and some black & white polka dots.  I LOVE polka dots!  anyway, the result is the quilt I’m calling The Blessing!  I’ve named it that to remember the blessing of the Lord on our B&B this year and the blessing of my husband blessing the work of my hands azan klok.

The quilt will be going to Arlene MacKenzie of On Point Quilting Studio for long arm quilting because it’s just too big for me to do, even on my quilting frame with my Janome 6500.  I’ve already got the binding ready to go with a goal to getting it on the bed soon herunterladen!

So that was finish number 1.  Now onto number 2.

Fiesta quilt!

I was really on a roll this weekend.  I worked a lot on the weekend with 9 guests in the B&B so I took some time in the studio yesterday without guilt.  And I really wanted to get my Fiesta quilt done that I started at Quilters’ Affair in Sisters in July.  And are you ready?  I got it done!  The columns were assembled into a quilt top yesterday and last evening I thought, “what the heck; I am so close to finishing, I’ll get the borders done”.  At that time I saw that Bonnie Hunter was on quilt cam so it was doubly cool as it felt like I was actually sewing along with her.   It was a fun evening sewing along with the finish line in sight sims 4 mobile kostenlosen.

And here’s is Fiesta!

I’m having second thoughts about the border.  It seems to hem the quilt in a bit for my liking.  I was thinking that lighter fabrics would be better.  I may do a rework on it.  What do you think? download background music for free?

Anyway, that’s the kind of weekend it’s been.  9 guests checking out today means it’s laundry and cleaning time, so until next time,


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