Hand Sewing with Bonnie

I have many, many quilting projects on the go.  Amongst them are 2 hand quilting projects.

Bonnie Hunter from www.quiltville.blogspot.com has issued a challenge for September, which by the way is National Sewing Month in the USA.  I’m calling it International Sewing Month so Canada can be included.  :o)   The challenge is to hand sew 1 hour per day (where possible) to push stagnating projects forward.  I confess that I was a bit reluctant to commit a whole hour every day to hand quilting.  I work Mon to Fri, 9-5 plus run a B&B so time is precious and I hesitate to structure my sewing time like that.  But here’s the thing…I really want to get my hand quilting projects done…especially this one.  So I’m committing to do my best to do some quilting on it every day until it’s done flash filmeen.

Here’s the story behind this quilt:

My quilting friend Janet passed away a few years ago.  Her husband held a garage sale to pass on her fabric and quilt items.  This partially completed soft peaches and cream Irish Chain quilt was among the items for sale.  Janet got it to the blocks stage.   I’m quite sure she planned for some applique or something in the plain blocks to make the quilt pop more.   I remember she did a similar one with some embroidery which won Best in Show at the first Westshore Quilters’ Guild.  She was more than thrilled and I was rejoicing with her that day when I saw the ribbons linux kostenloser download.

Anyway, this was one of the treasures from that garage sale day.  I wanted to keep this one for myself because it will always remind me of Janet. 

I’ve chosen to hand quilt this “Peaches and Cream” quilt in green thread to make it pop a bit media go kostenlos downloaden.

I’ve got one block quilted and fourteen  to go!

I’ve used a green Frixion pen to mark the feather wreath and this one is next pinterest bilder herunterladen geht nicht mehr!

Once all the hand quilting is done, I’ll be back to quilting the rest by machine in green thread diagonally through the 16 patches.  At least I think I will.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be inspired to hand quilt the whole thing.  It is very therapeutic and Lord knows I can use some therapy aquarium as a screen saver for free!

It’s almost a queen sized quilt so I wonder if I can get all that hand quilting done in September.  What about you?  Are you up for a challenge?  I would LOVE to get this quilt done.  Perhaps since we’ve had such a busy summer at our B&B it will be a great excuse for me to slow down, put my feet up and lovingly sew some stitches into Janet’s quilt el capitan installation file.

Here’s a picture of the full quilt.  Thanks Bonnie for the kick in the rear.  I can do this! 

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