Living on Easy Street…

I actually don’t live on Easy Street.  I’m sure I have struggles like the next person, but I sure love it when Bonnie Hunter hosts a mystery quilt and I can get distracted by something fun to do.  And I really, really love the name of this latest mystery started on November 23rd ~ It’s called “Easy Street” and Bonnie has said in the online posts that she’s had a busy year and so have we and that it would be a simpler quilt!  So, with that, I decided to dive in and start this mystery, even though I have wanted to avoid starting anything else until the UFO pile is shortened.  I am weak youtubeen.

The link to Bonnie’s blog for the pattern is here.  She’s chosen some gorgeous and fresh colours for this mystery quilt.  Me?  I have just finished 2 purple quilts, and turquoise in Orca Bay so I am just not feelin’ it for those colours.  So I looked at the colour wheel and decided that I am going to do the grey constant with the black on white.  That was my starting point amazing grace for free.

Here are my step 1 four patches in the grey with black on white (and happy little dance for me ~ they’re done!)

Don’t these remind you of a winter sky dropbox app ganzen ordner downloaden?

The second clue came out yesterday and I am literally in shock that it’s Saturday night and I’m done step 2.  What got into me?  I’m never caught up.  But anyway, here’s my step 2 flying geese.  My red is Bonnie’s purple gba emulator herunterladen.

My other colours are a cool blue and school bus/dijon yellow.  I love the yellow with the grey, and the red with the grey and even the blue with the grey, so I’m quite sure I will love this quilt and I have a suspicion that it will look modern.  That will be a twist on my previous Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts.  They have all looked very traditional.  This will be more edgy.  I can feel it herunterladen!

I’ve also cut out my bricks for the future (which is what the early birds got to do!)

Here are both steps and the bricks happily tucked away in their box awaiting clue #3 due out next Friday:

I’m loving these colours and it’s been a very enjoyable project so far download the renfoto's.

Gee, what can I maybe finish off while I’m waiting for clue #3??

Until next time,

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