In between Steps 2 and 3 of Easy Street, I thought I would work on a UFO.  I chose this one because there wasn’t that much left to do on it.  I had all the blocks done and the sashing pieces cut.  And I love that I was able to push on through to finish the quilt top before getting back to Step 3 of Easy Street ark kostenlos herunterladen.

As I was working on it, I was wondering what I should do with it when it was done.  Who should it go to?  Where is its forever home?    I do pray about these things.  I consider quilting a ministry of love and comfort.  I’m not doing it to hoard a bunch of quilts for myself and my family.  I give my quilts away as an expression of my love and care for people app voor downloaden films.

I was so pleased when I had the light bulb moment about who this quilt is for.  It is for a very kind and generous gentleman in my life.  He has done so much for me through my life that I don’t even know where to start.  I have wanted to reciprocate so many times,  but until now there was nothing that I could do but learn to say thank you and receive his gifts.  I am beyond blessed to think that I can now do something for this man that is a unique expression of my appreciation for him, his character, his kindness and his generosity herunterladen.

I am hoping to get this quilt on my frame tonight to quilt it, but until then, here is the quilt top, which I’ve named Toscana.  The kaleidoscope blocks remind me of Italian tiles, hence “Toscana” herunterladen.

Here’s a closeup of the tiles:
So there you have it!  Another UFO very, very close to completion and then I’ll be ready to start Easy Street Clue 3 kostenlos yatzy herunterladen.
Until next time,

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