Easy Street Progress…

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With all of my Christmas sewing projects out of the way now, I returned to forging ahead on my Bonnie Hunter 2012 mystery quilt, Easy Street.  As of last night, here are all of the units happily dwelling together:

I’m hoping we get to play with yellow next (Bonnie’s green).  Bottom left corner is step 5 units which I’m calling “Stuffed Christmas Geese”.  Centre bottom are the yellow 3 1/2″ squares which I expect will be either a centre block with geese around and maybe some of those 4 patches?  I bet Bonnie will be starting to put these units together starting with step 6 which is to be released next Friday herunterladen.

Until then, there are Christmas preparations to happen.  I have some stocking stuffers to wrap.  All the grocery shopping is done, thanks to my DH who braved the crowds in the stores yesterday lieder downloaden youtube.   I’m just so glad to be caught up to this point and be waiting for the next step.  Wow!

Merry Christmas!

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