Easy Street

My blocks are not yet constructed but I’ve been playing with layout and borders in EQ7.  Here’s where I’ve gotten to so far.

I will be taking this:

to this soon:

Alternate setting

or this setting whatsapp chats downloaden?

Bonnie’s setting

I’m waffling.  I’m feeling kinda lazy and want to avoid the set on point construction (#2) but I really like the look of it better.  #2 is how Bonnie designed it.  #1 is the lazy one I’m referring to herunterladen.

I’ve had mixed reviews from friends and family about the colours, but I can’t really think of what else to replace the yellow with.  Or maybe this garmin edge route downloaden?

or an alternate setting (setting the blocks straight creates an on point setting)

Update as of Friday night: Here is my first row on the design wall:

I still haven’t decided on the final layout.  I’m struggling!  Not totally enthralled with my colours but trying to be patient as it’s nowhere near done yet and it’s too early to judge the finished product.  Maybe I should head back to the sewing room and do some more blocks and stop fretting over it apps without touch id!

Until next time,


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9 comments on “Easy Street
  1. Janet O. says:

    Your colors are very vibrant and pretty. Whatever you do with them it will look nice, so choose what speaks to you (or the recipient, if you already have someone in mind). I am not a "gray" person so I loved when you brought in the blue borders, but it isn't my quilt, so that doesn't matter. : )

  2. I love yellow so if you are making it for me do yellow- lol

  3. I love the yellow, and I love the gray border! It makes it look really contemporary! Best wishes!

  4. Mavis says:

    hee hee. Funny Cheryl. Glad you like yellow. I think I'm staying with the yellow and the red inner border and grey outer border.

  5. Mavis says:

    Thanks Kevin. I think I'm staying with the yellow with the gray border. It's outside my comfort zone but that's why I chose those colours. I have just finished about 3 quilts with predominantly purple fabric and I didn't want to do Easy Street in Bonnie's colours for that reason.

  6. Mavis says:

    Thanks Janet. I appreciate the feedback. I'm not a gray person either but sometimes I think it's good to force ourselves out of our palette comfort zone. This quilt has certainly done that for me. Still not 100% sure but I think I'm sticking with the yellow.

  7. Lovely colors…so bright and cheerful.

  8. Vireya says:

    You are right that you can't really judge until you have more blocks made. EQ gives you an idea but it is flatter than the real thing. But your blocks look good together on the design wall so far!

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