Me and Jonathan Livingston Seagull …

It’s been alnost a week since I arrived home from my November long weekend quilting retreat.  Six of us ladies packed up and headed upisland for a weekend of quilting at a charming beach house in Bowser, just north of Qualicum Beach.  The majority of us arrived on Thursday, November 7th and we were there for four nights.  Two eager beavers quilters wanted an extra day so they went up on Wednesday and stayed 5 nights.

And WOW what a great weekend!  This was our first retreat together and here are the highlights:

1.  We were RIGHT at beach level in a 6 bedroom rancher.  The kitchen window faced the ocean and every morning we were met with beautiful sunrises (for those up early enough…like me!) and a visiting seagull who perched himself on a rock which was visible when the tide was out.  I nicknamed him Jonathan Livingston Seagull (of storybook fame).  I also spotted some rather large eagles with an approx youtube videosen firefox. 6 foot wing span.  What magnificent creatures!  What I noticed about these eagles is that they were at the seashore.  I’ve only ever seen eagles perched in trees or soaring…never at sea level so that made me curious. So to google I went and found this:

What do Bald Eagles eat?

Bald Eagles are primarily scavengers herunterladen. Whenever possible they find and eat dead food like spawned-out salmon or road-killed animals. Their favourite food is fish, but they will eat small mammals like rabbits and water birds like ducks or gulls.


Food!  What a good reason!!  I guess they must settle for small land critters near home but by the seashore, they have plenty of other prey to choose from masha und der bär kostenlosen.

You can see the tip of the rock to the left of the bush.  This is where Jonathan Livingston Seagull was perched

 2.  You can sew into the wee hours without interruptions with like minded ladies.  And sew we did!  After we set up our work stations we pretty much dug right in to our projects. I’m very pleased with my progress (pictures to follow below) and so were my buddies.

3.  We each took turns cooking so we were able to keep the costs for the retreat down.  Affordable and fun is a great combo windows media player 12 herunterladen!   I made eggs benny for the girls on Sunday morning and also made my Linguine Marco Polo with chicken and mango cream sauce for dinner on Sunday evening.  That means I had Thursday, Friday and Saturday with no chores, which of course meant more sewing!  Our bellies were very happy with everyone’s contributions and we were amply fed.  It seemed that we went home with more food than we brought.  A loaves and fishes moment for sure!

Smells good whatever she’s making!  Thanks Linda apk spiele kostenlos downloaden!

4.  HOTTUB!  There was a hottub on the deck which was a wonderful treat after the sewing muscles were flexed beyond the comfort zone.  Birds overhead, waves lapping at the shore, fresh air…you get the idea.

And now, without further adieu, here are some more photos of the fabulous fall retreat of the “Bodacious Babes of Bowser” (in no particular order) sims 3 download for free nederlands.

My first project:  A baby quilt.  I started by cutting 5″ charm squares from my four colours
and the white background fabric.
Blocks on the design wall

Adding the prairie points

Tricky but I got ‘er dun herunterladen!

And done!

Diane relaxing…that’s what retreats are all about right! photos von der icloud herunterladen?

Linda’s cooking dinner; Pam is calculating setting blocks.  My work station on the right

Drie brought her trusty featherweight and worked in the livingroom

Linda’s fabulous quilt
Linda’s second quilt.  Great pattern and colours!

Borders now on for Linda’s awesome Kaleidoscope

View from our livingroom

Cozy fire for those chilly November mornings and Terry’s sewing area videos von proxer.meen.

Pam working on her window design wall

Pam’s almost  finished quilt top for her mother-in-law (borders to follow)

Busy at work

My second project, another UFO called Tennessee Waltz
When I arrived all the snowball blocks were done but I had to build the star blocks

And DONE!!!  Except for the borders that is…
Third UFO project:  I had to unpack these components and then remember how to put the blocks together.

Another quilt top UFO done!  My third project done herunterladen. So happy!  

Sunrise is gorgeous!  View from our kitchen

Terry cutting fabric for her king sized diamond quilt
Terry cutting her diamonds
Can’t believe she got it done.  Nice!

And on Monday we headed home…back to reality… and these furry bundles of love were very excited to greet me after my absence.  I was unpacking and cleaning up my sewing room that evening with some company…pretty darn cute!

Snuggled down in her favourite corner is Miss Sophie
Cooper fast asleep in my sewing room keeping me company.

And that my friends, is what you call a fabulous weekend retreat!  Until next time…


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  1. That looks wonderful Mavis, you got lots done and they all look great. What a great idea and a beautiful place.

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