And we’re off!!

I am currently in the SeaTac airport awaiting boarding time for a flight to Barcelona. About a year and a half ago I called my dear friend Jan and asked her if she might be interested in a quilting cruise to the Mediterranean herunterladen.  She took a look at the website and said “let’s do it!!”

Since then there has been much anticipation of this day ps4 demo downloaden. And here we are!

We flew out of Victoria this afternoon at 12:47 and have about a four hour layover at SeaTac mp3 musik online herunterladen. It is a confusing airport but we have managed to find our gate and will be boarding in just over half an hour and on the way to Barcelona.  And I found some time to sew my hexie a as a true Bonnie disciple (or Bonniac as we call it) tripadvisor herunterladen.
My dear friend Jan and I have known each other for over 30 years. We have travelled together before, a bus trip to Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, to be specific youtubeen. We get along great and walk about the same speed. This is good 
We don’t know quite what to expect on this trip. We meet up with Bonnie Hunter and the rest of our group on Wednesday evening before we board the ship on Thursday amazing grace for free.  There will be lots of beautiful scenery as we make our way through the Mediterranean to ports in Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and France.   We’re ready for the adventure dropbox app ganzen ordner downloaden. There will be some quilting workshops while at sea and for me this is a huge bucket list adventure. A trip to the Mediterranean AND classes with Bonnie Hunter gba emulator herunterladen. Pinch me !!!
Our flight will be long and we won’t arrive in Barcelona until tomorrow. We expect to be tired and are glad that we have a few days to get rested up before the cruise. 

So here we go herunterladen! The adventures of Winetta and Ethel chapter one. We nicknamed each other about 25 years ago and have never stopped using them. Back in the 80s we both lived in Israel at different times and wrote many, many letters back and forth download the renfoto's.   That was before email and Facebook. Lol. Working in the envelope factory there wasn’t much excitement for me so I started writing under alter ego names and embellishing my letters home for humour’s sake.  And we still laugh about it.  And we still call each other Winetta and Ethel.  That’s just how we roll. 
Time to pack the electronics away and stretch the legs before a long sitting stretch. 
Next post will come from Barcelona. 
Until next time,
Mavis aka Ethel
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  1. i could never fly for that long so will be enjoying your trip happily vicariously…lol…can't imagine you won't have a blast!

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