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We proudly quilt on APQS Millennium with Quilt Path digitized edge to edge pantographs canasta kartenspiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch.


Basic price is $.025-$.030 per square inch for edge to edge simple pantographs.    Custom quilting is by quote and is based on density of quilting and time.  I charge $30.00/hour for custom quilting herunterladen.

Minimum charge is $50.

Our current turnaround time is approx. four – six weeks.

Please call 250-652-7774
to book an appointment or contact us through the contact page sternenhimmel herunterladen.

Please read the following before delivering your quilt to us.

Considerations before delivering your quilt for Long Arm Quilting:-

Quilt Top: 

Loose threads 

  • Trim all loose threads on the back of your quilt top as they may show through light colored fabrics
  • Trim loose threads on the top as they will interfere with machine quilting


  • Please make sure all seams are secure (particularly those along the edge of your quilt top)
  • Seam allowances should be pressed appropriately
  • Check that twisted or dark seams are trimmed so they won’t show through to the front
  • Seams need to be pressed correctly for best stitch-in-the-ditch results


  • If the borders are longer than the top and applied without proper and accurate measuring, the top will not lay flat concept. Pleats and puckers will develop during the machine quilting process.
  • To apply borders properly:
    • Measure your pieced top center (before the borders are added) istock vorschau herunterladen.
    • Lay your top out on a flat surface and measure at least three different places across the width and length.
    • If these measurements are not the same, take the average measurement and use this for cutting the borders herunterladen.
    • Apply each border to the quilt top evenly – divide the quilt top and border into quarters (or eighths) and ease or slightly stretch between marks, to make the border to fit herunterladen tiktok.
    • Fullness and or puckers within a border cannot be quilted out. I will try my best to work in some fullness, but I cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks will not be sewn in hoerbuecher kostenlos herunterladen. Just remember, the flatter your quilt top lays, the better your finished quilt will look.


  • If your quilt is directional, please indicate the top of your quilt top with safety pin
  • no embellishments please, as they interfere with machine quilting
  • If you piece your back, I cannot guarantee that the top will be perfectly centered on the back.. 
  • Please do not layer top, batting and backing (no basting required)

Samples of our work

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