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When you quilt with Lucey, you’ll quickly understand why APQS quilting machines are known
for being easy to use and simple to operate. Everything is designed, engineered and crafted to
be approachable, inviting and simple to use. Lucey offers the throat space of our top-of-the-line
machines – making it an exceptional value.
Lucey feels as if somebody handcrafted
a quilting machine
just for you.
What makes Lucey unique?
Throat size: 26" x 10
table: 8', 10' or 12'
Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)
Needle speed: 0-3500 SPM
Footprint: 5’ 3” W x 8', 10' or 12' L
Front & rear multi-position handles
Easily adjust Lucey’s multi-position front and rear handles
from both sides of the machine to fit you comfortably. Enjoy
longer quilting sessions and avoid muscle strain with the
ergonomically designed front handles. Their design provides
great needle visibility and keeps you comfortable while
reducing the risk of elbow, wrist or carpal tunnel problems.
Standard table
Our standard table offers great time-saving features and
comes in 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths. For example, all the quilt
layers load from the top so you can easily change the
bobbin in the middle of the quilt, smooth out batting,
or even sit as you quilt. Two simple compression brakes
hold the rollers in place, allowing you to independently
adjust each quilt layer for smooth quilts. Lucey owners
can upgrade to a deluxe table, which makes it possible
to add the Automatic Quilt Advance and Overhead
Lighting to the machine.
Available options for Lucey
• Quilt Path™ computerized quilting system
• Bliss™ track system
• Overhead lighting*
• Deluxe Table upgrade
• Automatic Quilt Advance with foot pedal control*
• Hydraulic table lift
• In-home set-up by factory-certified technician
Features that add exceptional value
Lucey has the throat space of our top-of-the line machines
for more quilting space and offers simple features without
compromising quality. Dial in the stitch length you want
using the easy side-panel control. Enable the stitch regulator
with a simple button push, and you’re ready to quilt.
Straight line horizontal quilting
The built-in horizontal straight line quilting lock helps you
load quilts quickly and easily, keeping them straight and
secure. Easily baste quilts for hand quilters.
* Can be added to Lucey when upgraded to a Deluxe Table.
Features that add exceptional value
Though Lenni is smaller in size, it’s not short on quality. From its
beautiful stitches to the way it glides across your quilt, you’ll find
the same attention to detail as in all our quilting machines.
Lenni’s compact footprint and simple controls make it ideal for
home studios and powerful enough for professional quilters.
Multi-position front handles
The handles on the front of Lenni are adjustable to fit your
quilting style and body type. Their ergonomic design lets you
quilt longer with less fatigue, while also reducing the risk of wrist,
elbow or carpal tunnel problems. The handle design gives
greater control to help you guide the machine with ease and
provides excellent needle visibility.
Standard table
The APQS standard table comes in 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths.
No matter which size you choose, you’ll enjoy time-saving
features that make your quilting simple and fun. The quilt top,
batting and backing all load from the top so you can easily
change the bobbin, smooth out batting, or even sit as you quilt.
Our tables do not have junction points in the rails, so that the
machine glides smoothly across the entire quilt. Two simple
compression brakes hold the rollers in place, allowing you to
independently adjust each quilt layer for smooth quilts.
Available options for Lenni
• Quilt Path™ computerized quilting system
• Bliss™ track system
• Hydraulic table lift
• In-home set-up by factory-certified technician
With Lenni, we have transferred the know-how of our bigger machines to a more compact
size. It is the essence of APQS in its simplest, purest form – a fun and affordable longarm.
Everything is designed, engineered and crafted to be approachable, inviting and simple to use.
Lenni is graceful
in every way. The way it handles, feels and quilts.
What makes Lenni special?
Throat size: 22" x 8"
Standard table: 8', 10' or 12'
Weight: 38 lbs. (17.2 kg)
Needle speed: 0-3500 SPM
Footprint: 4’ 6” W x 8', 10' or 12' L
George is a stationary, sit-down quilting
machine with a generous throat space
and a large, flat work space to easily
maneuver your quilt. Quilters across the
world use George and proudly bear the
title, “APQS Artist.”
create quilts that are as
individualized as you are.
What makes George special?
Throat size: 22" x 8"
Fold-up table: 24" x 60" and adjusts in height from 22" to 30"
Weight: 35 lbs (15.9 kg)
Needle Speed: 0-3500 SPM
Footprint: 2' W x 5' L
With the George, you can
Portable table
George comes with a 24" x 60" portable table (folds up).
Table adjusts in height from 22" to 30".
Available options for George
• Interchangeable feet, including open-toe foot
• In-home set-up by factory-certified technician
Quilt Path
computerized quilting system
Professional power
at your fingertips.
Quilt your masterpiece with ease and
professional accuracy using Quilt Path™
made specifically for APQS quilting
machines. Enjoy the benefits of a
professional computerized quilting system
in the comfort of your own home.
Quilt Path’s™ easy-to-use touchscreen
tablet makes it simple for you to design
and lay out your project and let Quilt
Path™ quilt it.
• Software to design your own patterns,
pantographs, borders and full-quilt layouts.
• Mirror, rotate or adjust your layout including
precise pattern placement on your quilt.
• Alternate and nest patterns and rows.
• Record and save freehand quilted patterns
for future stitching.
• Access a vast library of 750 quilt-ready patterns.
• Import a wide variety of pattern files.
• Professional accuracy.
• Thread break detection.
• Free online training.
• Remove the Quilt Path™ touchscreen tablet
from your quilting machine, and lay out your
next quilt from anywhere.
Deluxe Table (Shown with optional
Overhead Lighting)
Deluxe Table
The 8-, 10-, 12- or 14-foot deluxe table comes with
9 inches of manual height adjustment which lets
you dial in the perfect height for you. This table
option comes standard on Millie, Millie30 and Freddie
machines. Upgrade your Lucey machine to a deluxe
table if you would like to equip her with the Automatic
Quilt Advance or Overhead Lighting.
Standard Table
The APQS standard table is available as an
8-, 10- or 12-foot option with 9 inches of manual
height adjustment which lets you dial in the
perfect height for you. A standard table comes
with Luceyand Lenni machines.
Adjustment-Free Quilt Take-up Roller
Most machine tables require the quilter to raise
the take-up roller as the quilt sandwich is advanced
to keep it from rubbing on the machine’s throat.
The APQS Adjustment-Free Quilt Take-up Roller
is already centered in the throat of our machines.
You’ll never have to waste time raising or adjusting
it, even at the end of a king- or queen-size quilt.
Our unique compression roller brakes let you adjust
the quilt layers independently to manage all quilt types –
from delicate antique quilts to heavy denim throws.
Simply lift the brake handle to easily advance the quilt.
Choose the
table style
that suits your needs
APQS longarm tables are meticulously
designed and built with lots of time-saving
features to help you easily manage your
quilt. For example, the quilt top, backing
and batting all load from the top, eliminating
the need for bending to attach your quilt.
Plus, our table rails and rollers don’t have
junction points, which streamline the design
and make it possible for our wheels to move
smoothly, preventing any sway.
Standard Table
Bliss™ track system
Bliss – it’s the only word we could find that could possibly
describe that effortless feeling you’ll get when you quilt with
our exclusive track system. Specially designed horizontal
wheels on the sewing head and roller bearings on the table
rails provide smooth, effortless and easy movement
allowing you to quilt for hours without feeling tired.
Bliss™ track system maintenance
Unlike other channel systems on the market, the APQS rail
profile prevents dirt and thread build-up so you can spend
more time quilting and less time cleaning. No adjustments
are needed – all you have to do is quilt. Bliss can be added
to all new machines (except George). Bliss can also be
retrofitted to most existing APQS machines.
Optional accessories
Quilt Glide Stitch Mode
Quilt Glide combines manual sewing mode and stitch
regulation mode to give you accuracy and consistency
without that “jerky” feeling that is common when trying
to do detail quilting in regulator mode alone.
When engaged, the Quilt Glide keeps the needle moving
up and down in stitch regulation mode, even when
you stop moving the quilting machine. Since the needle
continues to stitch when Quilt Glide is on, you’ll feel
like you’re gliding through your design like smooth
pen strokes.
Add the Quilt Glide Stitch Mode feature to your new
Millie, Millie30 or Freddie.
Automatic Quilt Advance
The Automatic Quilt Advance with foot pedal control lets you
advance or back up your quilt with the push of a button or a toe tap
on the foot pedal. The motorized advance turns the take-up roller to
move your quilt ahead, saving time while also keeping the quilt layers
smooth and aligned.
The Automatic Quilt Advance can be added to the Millie, Millie30
and Freddie machines or when Lucey is upgraded to a Deluxe table.
The Automatic Quilt Advance adds an additional 8 inches to the
width of the machine footprint.
Hydraulic lift
The hydraulic lift is available as an upgrade. It lets you adjust table
height 9 inches with the push of a button, so you’ll always quilt in
comfort. This means you can change the height for different quilting
techniques, different machine users or even when you’re simply
wearing different shoes. Fine-tune the best machine height for your
quilting style. The hydraulic table lift can be added to all machines
except George.
Overhead lighting
Illuminate your workspace with an overhead lighting system from
APQS. Simple to assemble and install on the Deluxe table. Since the
system attaches directly to your frame, if you need to move your
machine to a different spot, the light moves with it to always keep
your quilting area well-lit.
The lighting system brings the total height of the APQS machine
to 82 inches with the legs set as low as possible. If you’re
considering this system, be sure to measure the height of your
ceiling prior to purchasing the system.
The overhead lighting system can be added to the Millie,
Millie30 and Freddie models or to a Lucey that is upgraded
to a Deluxe table.
Stitch regulator
Our stitch regulator is the most precise in the industry. It provides accurate stitches – where you
want them, when you want them. Most stitch-regulated machines simply measure speed and
the distance moved, but our stitch regulator also measures direction, which is critical for achieving
the crisp points and sharp corners, especially for stops, starts and quick direction changes.
Switch off the stitch regulator to dial in the speed of the needle to match the complexity of the
design. (All machines stitch from 0-3,500 stitches per minute).
Horizontal wheels
Our machines are perfectly balanced on a horizontal wheel system to give you the ease
of movement and superb handling you need to stitch beautiful motifs. It includes a set of
wheels directly below the head for forward and backward movement, and another set of
carriage wheels for sideways movement. The result? You can sew in any direction with ease.
Or, check out our Bliss track system as an optional accessory for optimal movement.
LED lighting
Bright clear lighting of your workspace increases your accuracy and makes quilting easier.
Our machine’s LED lighting illuminates your work area, from the needle to the machine’s throat,
with bright light so you can see every stitch, every detail as you quilt. A built-in black light
provides contrast when stitching with white thread on a light quilt or other difficult-to-see thread
and fabric combinations.
Quick-change hopping foot
Your machine comes ready to accept different optional feet for the different kinds of quilting
you do. This makes it simple to change out the machine’s standard template/ruler hopping foot
for another foot such as an optional open toe foot for increased visibility.
Bobbin options
When you purchase an APQS machine you have the option between two bobbins: Smart Bobbin
(L) or Big Bobbin
(M). This gives you the ability to customize your machine to your taste
and style of quilting.
Single stitch function
Our single stitch button is built into every handle switch for easy access right at your fingertips.
Easily bring the bobbin thread to the top to keep the back of your quilt free from thread tails.
Whether you like to tack your starting/ending stitches or knot & bury, you can control it all with
the touch of a button. Use this feature to easily, yet precisely, place basting stitches exactly
where you want them.
machine features
That is why our machines include numerous functions
and features that allow you to quilt effortlessly for
hours. If you’re looking for a lifelong relationship with
more than simply a quilting machine, APQS is for you!
At APQS we believe
quilting should be fun!